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Our website is the most viewed source about franchising in the world. Every month 800, 000 people from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belorus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and other CIS countries visit us to find a franchise.

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We will create a page that is understandable for the audience
We will translate your information and adapt it for a new market
We will advertise your business among subscribers
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Website history was launched in 2013.

Since we have become a leading source about business and franchising in Russia and CIS countries. According to the Similar Web, as of March 2021, we have 793,000 visitors monthly.

We collect organic traffic for targeted franchise requests.

Search engines (Google, Yandex) put us in the first place for search requests like a franchise, buy a franchise, catalog of franchises, franchise news, as well as for more specific: coffee franchises, beauty salon franchises, bar franchises, and others. As a result, our clients receive high-quality leads, and the conversion to sales reaches 10%.

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You will get


Individual page with your information for the desktop version and mobile apps


Translation and adaptation of your information to market specifics


Visual design, layout, cover creation, text presentation


Consulting on proposal optimization and presentation


SEO-optimization for targeted requests


Possibility of posting reviews about your franchise


Publishing news and articles about your franchise in the directory


Personal account for page management and editing


Sending an email to our subscriber base (more than 35,000 interested customers)


Service support and moderation (we filter out spam)


Direct contacts of those who interested in buying your franchise (Leads)


The franchising market in Russia and the CIS countries is reaching unprecedented growth rates. Don't miss the opportunity to find a partner here.

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